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Model DT3006: Oxygen and Combustibles Analyzer

A close coupled combination combustibles and oxygen measurement system

Model DT3000: Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

A Zirconia based oxygen analyzer used for boiler trim control or EPA requirements. Available with automatic back purge and calibration.

Model 201 LP: Electrostatic Dust Monitor / Triboelectric Broken Bag Detector

Triboelectric probe used for detecting broken bags in shaker, pulse jet, and reverse air fabric filters. Also used for general dust level measurement in ducts, flues, and general process flows.

Model DT109 Non-EPA Compliant Opacity Monitor
Non-EPA compliant opacity monitors for permanent installation in stack or duct for continuous monitoring of process conditions or process emissions. Units available for narrow duct or stacks (<18ft) for the DT109D Double pass unit, as well as up to 40ft for the DT109S Single pass unit.

Model 1000: Opacity Monitoring for EPA Compliance

EPA compliant double pass opacity system for compliance monitoring. Typically mounted on stacks or ductwork. Unmatched for having the fewest local mounted electronics.

Model DT80: Portable Opacity Monitor
This microprocessor based portable opacity system includes a 26” long active length probe with an LED light source, Control Unit (in a fiberglass carry case containing a 4 line by 20 character LCD display, keypad, isolated 4-20mA outputs for instantaneous and averaged opacity, and an RS232 Modbus serial port. 
RK 2268 SCR Assembly

RK 2268 SCR Assembly, 345Amp


RK 2269 SCR Assembly

RK 2269 SCR Assembly, 240 Amp