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Model DT3006: Oxygen and Combustibles Analyzer

Base System    

NEMA 4 or Panel Mount Control Unit.  

Remote Sensor Unit, Zirconia O2 sensor, Combustibles sensor, Cell heater control, instantaneous and average 4-20 mA outputs. Backpurge and cal solenoids as well as moisture and dust filter with auto-drain. 

Sample Probe, Stainless Steel, 24 inches long. 

For more features call for specification. 

Operating Manual 

Set of Job specific drawings 

Base List Price ….. $11,238.00 

Typical Delivery is 6 weeks A.R.O


Spare Parts

Spare Parts Kit contains:  

Zirconia sensor, combustibles sensor, thermocouple and fuses.     

Spare Parts Kit List Price ….. $1,593.00 

Typical Delivery is 2 weeks A.R.O