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Precipitator Diagnostic Application for Mobile Devices

This App is intended to help you understand and troubleshoot your Electostatic Precipitator. It is made generic to apply to all Precipitator systems. On Paper Mill, Power Plant, or wherever there is an Electrostatic Precipitator similar performace difficulties can occur. Through a series of selections or by simply entering your Precipitator Automatic Voltage Control meter readings, Precipitator Diagnostics can help you identify what is inhibiting your collection or causing opacity excursions.

This App can save you precious down time and possibly eliminate the need for a service call, saving your company money. The following troubleshooting guidelines are based on controls that have been installed correctly and have operated properly for a period of time.

This is an early version of Precipitator Diagnostics, in coming months there will be updates that include trouble shooting Rapper & Vibrator controls, and routine preventive maintenance of your precipitator.

Available for the IPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices.