November 2012: Redkoh Industries, Inc. and Geecom Ltd of Gauteng, South Africa Signed an Agreement For Distribution Of The Gspike Discharge Electrode for Use in The North American Market

The collector efficiency of an ESP is directly related to the applied corona power. However, this corona power needs to be applied effectively in order to impart the largest benefit possible at the actual point of corona discharge which emanates from an element referred to as a discharge electrode.

Discharge electrodes have evolved quite undramatically over the years and it is still quite common today to be faced with ESPs equipped with such elements which were designed and installed over 30 years ago. However, new demands for higher efficiencies coupled with corresponding lower maintenance costs, have led to some manufacturers favoring technologies and applications more suitable for today’s general usage. This implies looking into models which consider not only updated technology aspects but also manufacturing process, reliability in the long term as well as easy installation in order to effect cost effective replacements.

Rigid Discharge Electrode (RDE) technology has been utilized extensively in Europe and North America and it has been found that the electrical characteristics of such electrodes have contributed significantly to an improvement in the efficiency of many ESPs. Furthermore, because of greater flexibility in geometry and configuration of the electrode units, RDE technology allows for such improvements as increases in Specific Collection Area (SCA), aspect ratio, migration velocity and treatment time.

The patented G-SpikeTM RDE shows a definite improvement in corona current over other RDEs presently on the market which varies between 12.5% at 15kV and 47.4% at 45 kV. This variance is attributed not only to the configuration of the mast but also to the high level of aggressiveness of the corona generator (spike) and its matching compatibility to the geometry of the collector electrode plates. This compatibility is also of the utmost importance in order to ensure maximum uniformity of current discharge and a substantial decrease in the occurrence of “cold spots” where corona current flow is minimal.

Compatibility is assured not only by the position of the corona generator (spike) at mast intervals suitable to the ESP configuration but also to its specific width as well as the explicit curvature of the 4 tines at each end.