Redkoh Company History

Redkoh Industries has been manufacturing electrostatic precipitator controls for over 28 years. We have manufactured analog, solid state, and microprocessor type controls for the air pollution control industry in the USA and worldwide.


Redkoh Industries, inc founded in Princeton, NJ by Steven Kohke, the name of the company is a derivative of the two last names of the principles. Redkoh develops and manufactures Electrostatic Precipitator Controls, SCR controlled Industrial test equipment & Pharmaceutical test plates.


Redkoh introduces Generation II ESP Microprocessor TR and Rapper controls, along with the first Transceiver with Modbus DCS Interface.


Redkoh is acquired by OMI-PLC, a publicly owned company and becomes a part of the worldwide network of companies, based out of London England.


Redkoh's parent UK holding company changes name; OMI becomes Solvera


Redkoh's management purchases the shares of Redkoh Industries, inc from the parent, Solvera and becomes an employee privately owned company, incorporated in New Jersey.


Redkoh purchases Megamation, a robotics equipment company.


Redkoh acquires Datatest Industries, inc, founded in 1971 in Levittown, Pa, by Julian Saltz. Datatest designs, manufactures and services, EPA Pollution Monitoring equipment, EPA compliant as well as non compliant devices.


Redkoh relocates to larger facilities in Hillsborough, NJ


Redkoh expands in Texas with a joint venture named RPC Environmental. RPC provides field service for the fine tuning and maintenance of Electrostatic Precipitators to improve peak performance by resolving either electrical or mechanical problems.


Redkoh again relocates to a larger facility. Redkoh purchases a 3+ acres complex , complete with three buildings in Hillsborough, NJ. The buildings consist of Manufacturing and Administration, Testing lab and Training center, and finally the Engineering lab and product design workshop.


Redkoh releases our Patent Pending Mid Frequency control, allowing 3rd Party 60/50 Hz type controls to operate a 400 Hz system. Entered into a Joint Venture with Stein Industries, inc to design and develop a T/R along with the Mid Frequency Control.

March 2009 Anshan Hama Sensor Technical of Anahan City Liaoning Province signed an exclusive agreement for sales and support of Datatest and Redkoh products in the Peoples Republic of China.


 April 2012 Ador Powertron, India's Premier Precip Controls and Transformer Rectifier manufacturer sign an exclusive agreement for manufacture, sales and support of Redkoh products in India.