Electrostatic Precipitator Training

It’s a fact. Companies are trying to cut costs by cutting the labor force and allocating more responsibilities to fewer people. When this happens, you may find yourself, or your fellow workers, taking on jobs where proper training has not been provided.

This has happened quite frequently with the personnel required to operate and maintain the electrostatic precipitation equipment. Since the allowable boiler load (and plant output) is directly linked to the operation of your air pollution control equipment, understanding how electrostatic precipitator controls works, how to troubleshoot them, how to maintain them, and how to optimize them is critical to your job and the successful operation of your plant.

Redkoh Industries can provide the personnel training necessary to allow Operators and Electricians to keep your electrostatic precipitator controls operating at peak efficiency. This in turn results in maximum precipitator availability and minimum opacity.

Redkoh Industries has been manufacturing electrostatic precipitator controls for over 35 years. Our staff has worked for some of the largest precipitator manufacturers in the world, and is intimately familiar with the operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization of electrostatic precipitators Transformer Rectifiers (TR) controls, and collecting and discharge electrode cleaning device controls (rapper/vibrator/pneumatic/mechanical). Our expertise spans mechanical rectifier, tapped transformer, saturable reactor, tube, transistorized, SCR, and microprocessor based controls.

Classes can be presented at your facility or off site at a local hotel or meeting facility. All training materials are provided, and each attendee receives a personal copy of all the material for future reference. Generic or customized presentations can be provided, however our specialty is customizing the training to site-specific equipment. Since the customized presentations are focused on your equipment and your problems, the attendees become personally involved in the discussions.

Is ESP Controls Training Important?

  • The output of your operation depends on the cleanliness of your stack.
  • The cleanliness of your stack depends on the ESP operating at optimum efficiency.
  • Optimum efficiency will not occur unless the controls are optimized.
  • YES it is important!

Why Should Precipitator Controls Training be Provided?

  • Existing personnel were never provided any training.
  • New personnel assigned to maintain the ESP equipment are unfamiliar with equipment.
  • New controls added as part of upgrade.

Why Have Redkoh Industries Provide Your Training?

  • Redkoh has been manufacturing controls since 1982.
  • Our expertise is in both analog and microprocessor systems.
  • Our professional staff has worked as control Engineers and Field Services reps for some of the largest ESP manufacturers in the world.

What Will the Attendees Learn?

  • The fundamentals of how an ESP collects particulate.
  • What a Transformer Rectifier (TR) set is and how it works.
  • What a TR control is supposed to do and how it should act.
  • What a rapper/vibrator control is supposed to do and how it should act.
  • How to read TR and rapper/vibrator control schematics, and the function of each component.
  • How to troubleshoot a TR control.
  • How to troubleshoot a rapper/vibrator control.
  • How gas composition affects precipitator operation and electrical levels.
  • How to optimize TR and rapper controls to produce the lowest outlet emissions.


  • Material is presented in an open and informal atmosphere.
  • Ongoing question and answer during presentation.
  • Cross discussion among attendees based on their experiences is encouraged.
  • Hands-on control adjustment/optimization.