Pollution Monitoring Equipment

DT3008 Close Coupled Extractive Combustibles Analyzer

combustibles analyzer The Model DT 3008 measures total combustibles or carbon monoxide by using an eduction pump to draw a sample from a process stack or duct to present it to a sensing cell. The cell is a platinum catalytic bead sensor. The sensor chosen depends upon the accuracy and the measurement levels required, and whether total combustibles or carbon monoxide is the gas to be measured.


  • Economically Priced
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Single Probe / Single Control Unit
  • Bowl Filtration / Moisture Removal System
  • Auto Calibration and Drain Capabilities
  • Probe Temperatures up to 1800°F
  • Low Maintenance

The control unit takes the cell signal and reads the value of the gas to be measured. This is then displayed on a backlit 4 x 20 character LCD screen.

The microcontroller provides 4 20mA signals as well as a Modbus RTU serial port configured for RS232 or RS422/485.

The system also has relay to perform automatic back purge and calibration gas injection, as well as remote alarm indications.

extractive analyzer

All setup functions are enabled through the keypad. The menu driven prompts, such as: output range, calibration times and duration, back purge time and duration and calibration gas concentrations, allow the user to configure the system in the field for site specific needs.

The analyzer can be customized with drain and backpurge solenoids for complete automatic operation.

After initial setup, this system will run on its own with almost no maintenance. The sensors have a lifetime of roughly two years.


Response Time:
Flue Gas Temperature:
Ambient Temperature:
Control Unit Enclosure:
Power Input:
Serial ports:

Platinum Catalytic Bead / Electrochemical
0 10% or 0 100% LEL
30 seconds to 90% concentration value at sensor
0.1 % (10% scale)
± 0.5 % of FS
1800°F standard
20°F to 125°F
Panel Mount (wall mount NEMA 4 optional)
115V ± 10% (230V optional)
Programmable Set points
4 x 20 Character Backlit LCD
4 20mA x 2 for instantaneous and average
RS232, RS422/485 with Modbus RTU
2 A, 125V DC load, SPST relay for each of the following: Set point alarms and Zero & Span Calibration Gas

analyzer drawing