Pollution Monitoring Equipment

DT3000 Oxygen Analyzer

A Zirconia based oxygen analyzer used for boiler trim control and EPA requirements.

The Datatest Model DT3000 Oxygen Analyzers provide reliable 02 concentration data to enable optimization of fuel consumption, improve combustion, enhance process control, and minimize air pollution. The Model DT3000 is ideal for applications that include coal, oil, gas-fired and packaged boilers, furnaces, incinerators, dryers, process heaters, kilns and other combustion applications where economical, 02 monitoring is required.

in-situ oxygen analyzer

In-Situ System

The O2 Zirconia sensor cell, mounted inside the In-situ probe head, but outside the stack or duct, allows for cell replacement without removing the probe from service.

extractive oxygen analyzer

Extractive Analyzer for CEMS

The O2 CEMS analyzer is a Combined Control and Sensor Unit.

Typically supplied as a Panel Mount or 19” Rack mount, the analyzer is designed to be used in a CEM system along with other analyzers.

extractive oxygen analyzer

Close Coupled Extractive Analyzer

This unit combines the Control, O2 Sensor cell, sample pump, filter and water drop-out unit.

This system is typically used on low particulate systems where the probe and the analyzer enclosure can be mounted within reasonable proximity of one another.

The following are common to the above systems:

  • Automatic calibration
  • Available is assorted probe lengths
  • Auto back purge
  • Back purge time and real time displays
  • Front panel programmable
  • Hi/Lo set point display
  • Instantaneous and averaged 4-20mA outputs
  • Meets or exceeds USEPA 40 CFR 60, Appendix B, P.S.3
  • RS 422/232/485 Modbus RTU output
  • Scales in %
  • Sensor temperature display
  • Zero gas / span gas value display



Measurement type:
Measurement range:
Measurement output:
Gas Temperature:
Probe length:
Probe material:

In situ or Extractive
4-20mA corresponding to 0-25% (adjustable)
1500°F (815°C) standard; optional to 2800°F (1538°C)
Standard 316 stainless steel
Stainless steel 304, ANSI #125, 4"
± 1% of Full Scale*

Control Unit

Ambient operating temp:
Microprocessor platform:
Response time:
Contact output:

Analog outputs:
Serial communication:

Contact rating:
Power supply:

Ambient -20 to 125°F (-28 to 52°C)
Siemens C167 MPU
15 seconds to 90% value
0.1% (25% scale)
±0.5% of FSD
1 SPST for each of the following sub-relay outputs: System alarm, Back purge, O2 low, O2 high, Span calibration gas and Zero calibration gas
4-20 mA, instantaneous and averaged
Choice of Modbus RTU (RS232/422/or 485) for bi-directional communication
10 amp, 250 volts
4-line by 20 character LCD
16 Tactile keys
220/110 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 350 watts


Gas Ports:
Probe Back Purge:
Back Purge:
Sampling Rate Insitu System:

1/8” NPT (F)
Flow rate of 25 Scfm between 50 & 100 Psi
Manual and/or automatic in accordance with real time clock
Automatic, adjustable
Supplied for negative pressure or low flow in-situ applications
Assuming air-lines are ¼” tube, air Pressure of 5/8/10/12 psi will pull a sample of 3/5/5.5/7 SCFH

*As required by USEPA