Air Pollution Controls

Transformer Rectifier Set

The Transformer-rectifier set, also called a TR or a TR set, converts the low voltage of the plant power system to the high voltage required for precipitator operation. It is referred to as a “set” because the tank contains both the high voltage transformer used to convert relatively low voltage high current AC to high voltage and low current AC, and the full wave diode (rectifier) bridge used to convert the AC to DC for use in the precipitator.

From time to time these transformer cores fail and need to be replaced. The high voltage output bushings (insulators) and internal diode sticks (stacks) also fail. If any of these components fail the TR will not be operable and precipitator efficiency will decrease and stack emissions will increase.

Redkoh Industries can provide new transformer-rectifier sets to match the footprint of the existing TR. This minimizes the amount of labor and time required to swap out a failed unit. Redkoh can also provide replacement parts for the bushings and diodes. Lead-time for diodes and bushings is usually 4 to 6 weeks. Lead-time for a Transformer-rectifier is typically 10 to 12 weeks.