Air Pollution Controls

Current Limiting Reactor (CLR)

The current limiting reactor (CLR) is essentially a high current choke that electrically and physically resides in-between the TR control cabinet and the transformer-rectifier tank.  The purpose of this choke is to counteract high inrush currents that occur when sparking and arcing take place in the precipitator.

These devices tend to fail with time.  They either open circuit, short to ground or become very noisy due to loose laminations within the core.  Redkoh can provide replacement CLRs for any rating.

The CLRs can be supplied as open frame designs (no enclosures) or mounted in NEMA 1 or 3R enclosures.  They can be manufactured with copper or aluminum windings, and they can have single or multiple taps for various impedances.




Our robust design means years of trouble free operation.

Typical lead time for a new CLR is 6 to 8 weeks.