Air Pollution Controls

TR Output Bushings and Diode Stacks

TR output bushings are typically located on the top of a TR tank (inside an enclosure) or on the side of the TR tank in a bus duct.  These output bushings fail from time to time and need to be replaced.  Redkoh can supply replacement bushings for this purpose, as well as low voltage bushings typically found in the TR LV junction box.

Inside the TR tank is a bridge rectifier that converts the high voltage AC supplied by the transformer to DC for use in the precipitator.  The bridge rectifier is made up of two legs (or sticks, or stacks) of diodes that also fail from time to time.  The precipitator does not receive power nor collect particulate for the energized area where the diodes have failed.  Therefore, this is a critical item.  Redkoh can supply a host of OEM diode stacks.



Where direct replacement stacks are not available, substitute stacks are offered, and if a replacement is not available Redkoh can rebuild most diode stacks to OEM specifications or better.


Since diode stacks are not always available off the shelf, diode stacks should be part of a plant’s spare parts inventory.