Air Pollution Controls

Communications Interface (CAN-Transceiver)

The Redkoh CAN-Transceiver is a communication gateway for tying TR controls and Rapper controls directly to a plant DCS or PLC.  This allows the electrical operating levels, alarm conditions, and general operating data to be available to the DCS/PLC for report generation or historical logging.  If desired, changes to the operating parameters of the controls can also be performed from the DCS/PLC.

The communication protocol between the TR controls, rapper controls, and the CAN-Transceiver is Controller Area Network (CAN).  The communication protocol between the CAN-Transceiver and the plant DCS or PLC is Modbus RTU.  The

CAN-Transceiver can be configured to communicate over RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet, Profibus, TCP/IP, and others.  The system is tied together by simply daisy-chaining communication cables (twisted shielded pair) between the various control cabinets.

For those instances where a full blown central computer system (PrecipCommander) is not desired, a CAN-Transceiver is the perfect low cost alternative.



Below showing a typical Interconnection diagram.


Can-Transceiver Operating Manual V1.39

Can-Transceiver RK2307 Data Map V1.40