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TR Control Upgrade Package

Redkoh’s RK2000 TR Control conversion package can be provided to replace existing older controls (both analog and microprocessor) where some of the existing components such as breakers and contactors and control transformers can be reused to save money.

Generally the only new components required to convert an existing control to the RK2000 are the Keypad & Display Unit, Interface Unit, Primary Current Transformer, Primary Voltage Transformer, Communication cable, and a secondary voltage and current conditioning resistor board.  All these components are included in our conversion packages as well as bills of materials, spare parts list, schematic diagram, operating manual, and troubleshooting manual.

No other control on the market requires as little training and is as easy to operate as Redkoh Industries’ Model RK2000 electrostatic precipitator transformer control.  Accurate, up to the minute information on the operating conditions of your electrostatic precipitator is available at the push of a button.  And knowing how your precipitator is operating is crucial to achieving minimum outlet emissions at the lowest power consumption.

With the RK2000 you can rest assured that your precipitator is operating at its most efficient level.  And, with its built-in redundancy circuits, the RK2000 has the highest availability of any control.  Monitoring and automatically controlling electrical variables ensures maximum useable precipitator energy is maintained at all times. Control variables are continuously and automatically adjusted to changing conditions such as particulate load, varying combustible carry over, particulate size, and process upset situations, without manual adjustments.

No other precipitator control matches the wide range of electrical variables controlled by the RK2000, and no other control is as easy to operate.


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RK2000 Operating Manual V1.40 and Troubleshooting Manual V1.40 Revised 5-5-11