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RPC Company Profile

Company Profile

RPC Environmental is a precipitator services provider. We have formed a joint venture with Redkoh Industries in order to be able to increase the number of services we offer. Redkoh also brings a host of benefits to RPC Environmental these extend through precipitator controls and parts to support for the larger projects we involve ourselves in.


RPC Environmental will be available to perform inspections, maintain a regular maintenance program, trouble shoot and repair mechanical as well as electronic issues, and provide supervision and hands on consulting for your maintenance crews or contractors as well as providing labor through precipitator specializing contractors. We can work with your maintenance personnel to provide a planned and scheduled routine that will greatly reduce your overall labor costs.


RPC Environmental would very much appreciate it if you would add our company’s name to your list of approved bidders for electrostatic precipitator parts and components. We would be glad to fill out any documentation your company requires regarding our finances and customer references. Fax required qualification forms to (908) 874-7994.  Please give us a call at (409) 382-9848 to further discuss how we may be of assistance to you and your company.