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RPC Environmental is a company based out of Kirbyville, Texas oriented towards the inspection, maintenance, repair, and performance enhancement of all types of electrostatic precipitator systems. Joined by sister companies Redkoh Industries and Datatest Industries based out of Hillsborough, New Jersey, RPC Environmental is made up of a team of experienced inspectors, boilermakers, foremen, electricians, and safety personnel that can accurately evaluate and resolve electrical and mechanical problems with you precipitator.

Our crews are capable of performing every repair that could be needed, including, but not limited to:

·    Re-aligning precipitator internal components.

·    Replacing discharge electrodes (wire or rigid).

·    Repairing or replacing collecting plates.

·    Repairing or replacing upper and lower high tension frames.

·    Cleaning and replacing insulators (support, wall, rapper rod, etc).

·    Patching or replacing penthouse walls and roofs.

·    Re-plumbing or replacing rapper systems.

·    Patching or replacing hoppers.

·    Rebuilding drag chain systems

·    Replacing drag chains.

·    Patching or replacing screw conveyors.

·    Replacing dump valves.

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions regarding current problems with your ESP or to schedule a regular maintenance inspection.


Redkoh Industries

PO Box 801, Belle Mead, NJ 08502

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RPC Environmental

312 FM 82 West, Kirbyville, TX 75956

Phone: +1 (409) 382-9648

Fax: +1(908) 369-1594