March 2016 - Redkoh releases 3 phase 50 Hz controls to the Indian Market

Redkoh and Ador released a 3 phase SCR based TR controller on two Indian projects. The equipment for the first project was installed commissioned and has been deemed to be operating well and achieving the desired performance results.

The PreciCon 3R as it is known uses a 3 phase mains supply along with 3 banks of inverse parallel SCRs and feed a 3 phase TR set mounted at the precipitator.

The resulting precipitator waveform is a relatively low ripple voltage and has the benefit of drawing more current that its conventional single phase unit for the same peak applied voltage

The second project will be a hybrid precipitator with the 3 phase SCR controllers and TR sets fitted in the latter fields of a precipitator with high frequency switch mode units powering the earlier fields. This ensures the back fields, which will run at significantly greater power levels, will not suffer from the reliability issues often see with the higher power SMPS units.